Go Lokal! Partners

The DTI initiated the Go Lokal! as a public-private partnership to ensure financial viability and long term operational sustainability. It partners with private sector retailers, mall owners, and vendors who share the vision of the DTI and have the capability to operate the Go Loka! stores (physical or virtual) as part of their existing business model.

The  DTI’s  partnership  with  private  retailers  and  mall  owners  ensures  a  strong  and  nationwide  presence  of  the Go Lokal! stores in key cities and prime locations for the convenience of the buying public.


  • DTI Network of REGIONAL and PROVINCIAL producers and suppliers
  • Extensive Product Development assistance by DTI’s Product Specialists
  • Branding rights by DTI’s core group of Home & Fashion Designers
  • Local & international Marketing and Publicity via DTI’s Regional and Overseas Offices
  • Powerful CSR vehicle to create extensive goodwill with communities


  • Share the same vision (inclusive business, MSMEs)
  • Commit to the concept
  • Invest in Go Lokal!


The Go Lokal! store concept is flexible to meet the existing business models of its partners. It can be an in-line store at a mall, a brick or mortar, a pop-up store in any suitable venue or for a specific event, meeting, convention or exhibition. It will likewise have an online presence to cater to the internet-driven consumers.

Minimum requirements of a Go Lokal! Partner

  • Non-exclusivity arrangement
  • Strict adherence to rules on brand usage and application
    (i.e. Go Lokal! brand ownership remains with DTI)
  • Adoption of strict criteria for selection of companies and products
  • Fair pricing and payment policy
  • Regular inventory and data reporting

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