Marga Crop Tops
Kaayo Modern Mindanao

Made from Ilocos inabel with Tubao Mindanao accent, this handwoven and hand-beaded Marga crop top by Kaayo Modern Mindanao comes in blue, pink & purple, green, orange & black pineapple.

Product Material: Ilocos Inabel with Tubao Mindanao Accent 
Product Size in mm:
    Medium: 398.8 W x 393.7 D
    Large: 444.5 W x 431.8 L
​Product Size in cm:
    Medium: 39.37 cm (L) 39.88 cm (W)
    Large: 43.18 cm (L) 44.45 (W)
Color Variants: Blue, Pink & Purple, Green, Orange & Black Pineapple
Production Capacity: 50 - 100 per month
MOQ: 20 per color
Wholesale Price:  56 USD
Volume for Wholesale: 20 per color

Marga Crop Tops

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