Stella Shirt Dress
Kaayo Modern Mindanao

Made from Japanese cotton, this Stella shirt dress by Kaayo Modern Mindanao is handmade with natural dyeing.

Product Material: Japanese Cotton
Product Size in mm:
  Small: 475 W x 838.2 D x 523.2 sleeve
  Medium: 520.7 W x 863.6 D x 538.5 sleeve
  Large: 558.8 W x 889 L x  602 sleeve
​Product Size in cm:
  Small: (L) 83.82 cm (W) 47.50 cm (Sleeve) 52.32 cm
  Medium: (L) 86.36 cm (W) 52.07 cm (Sleeve) 53.85 cm
  Large: (L) 88.9 cm (W) 55.88 cm (SLEEVE) 60.20 cm
Color Variants:
  Linen: Beige, Black and Blue
  Cotton: White, Green, Blue & Light Brown
Production Capacity: 50 per month
MOQ: 10
Wholesale Price: 78.75 USD
Volume for Wholesale: 10 pc per size

Stella Shirt Dress

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